If you are interested in having a pet, please take a moment to think well before getting one.
There are things you should consider before welcoming a pet to your home. Would your home environment be comfortable for the particular breed? Does s/he match your life style? Did you know that the average lifespan of dogs and cats’ is 14-15 years? Can you be sure that you will be responsible for the rest of its life?
Here is a list of things that may give you the ideas of what you should to think before getting a pet. Please read to see if there is anything that you never thought about, and hopefully this list helps you to find the right animal/breed which is not necessary what you want but matches with you and your home environment.


(1) Is your home pet friendly? Does your apartment allow pets? Do you have any plan to move to another place? Is there any possibility that you would be relocated to another office at your work?
(2) Does the animal you want match with your life style? Is it not too big for the space you have? Are you capable of taking time for the required hours of the exercises of its breed?
(3) Does your family all agree to have welcome that animal?
(4) Is there anyone who has an allergy in your family or any plan for a baby who might be allergic to animals?
(5) Will you be able to make time to take care of the pet single everyday?
(6) Is the pet a right size and age that you are capable of taking a control?
(7) Have you thought about how it may affect your neighbours?
(8) Is there anyone who can take care of her/him while you are away? Is it safe for the animal to stay alone at home without your supervision?
(9) Would you be able to take care of the pet when it’s injured or too old and in need of care?
(10) Will you be able to afford the medical and other fees for the rest of his/her life?
(11) Is your pet included in your future plan in 10 to 20 years while you may move houses, get married, or have kids?
(12) Have you thought about who would take care of the pet if you can no longer take care of it or in case of emergencies?
(13) Are you prepared to face the last moment of the pet’s life?


For those of you who are ready to adopt a pet.

We, as Pawer., mainly spread information related to dogs and cats, and we have to admit that there are many animals that are once abandoned by their owners and need new forever homes.
If you think you are ready to welcome an animal, please consider adopting one and start looking for a dog or cat that matches you BEFORE letting yourself decide by how the animal looks. Looking cute would not ensure to be a perfect match for you, your family, or your house environment.


Preparation for emergency
If you already have a pet with you, it’s always good to prepare for emergencies. Please talk to your families and friends and find a foster for your pet in case something happens to you.
The listed below is a few places that you may contact for trainings or to get some advice. Make sure that you know some vets near you where you could visit during the day and also at night in case of emergency. It’s also good to keep a note of any information where/how to evacuate if needed.
・ NPO Tokyo Cat Guardian’s Meow-Dial #110, Shippo Call.
・Kanagawa Animal Control Center Call for Trainings(*For the residents of Kanagawa only.)
・ Waggy Smile:counseling、Dog Trainings