We cannot do all the work we do without your support! It’s not only by donating us, but there are also other ways to support, and we really appreciate your warn thoughts and kindness.

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The 100% of the donation we get will be used to care for the rescued animals, to educate kids in Japan, and other animal welfare work we do to make it a better world for both human and animals.
【Mizuho Bank】
Account with Bank: MIZUHO BANK, LTD.
Bank Swift Code: MHCBJPJT
Account Number: 473-2506220
Account Name: Pawer.
Type: normal
【Japan Post Bank】
account number:50102271
*transfer from other financial institutions:
branch name:four-four-eight(yon-yon-hachi)    
branch number:448
Account number:5010227
Account Name: Pawer.

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Pawer. Charity Shop

We have online charity shop on BASE to raise the funds to support our activities such as taking care of the rescued animals and/or running the education programs. *All proceeds from the sales will be used on our welfare activities.
<LINK to our Charity Shop>

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Amazon Wish List

We have set our wish list on Amazon asking for donations such as cat food, litters, and others for the rescued animals and those at cats hoarder’s house.
<LINK to Amazon wish list>


Of course, there are other things that each of us can do to make a small change. Not only visiting the website like ours to learn the reality, but also sharing what you have learn with people around you really helps us to spread the words. For those who are willing to do little bit more also can volunteer at our event or can simple come visit our event.
<To become the volunteer, please contact us from the link below:>