We strive with public awareness campaign so that each and every one of the animal lives is respected.
The goal is a society where the animals and people can live comfortably.
Pillars of endeavor:
① Supply of accurate information to understand the social issues of dogs and cats.
② Awareness towards protection of dogs and cats that are a culling target for euthanasia.
③ Proposal to the general public / pet owners / pet owner candidates.
Using a tool, this website, we will focus on the three points below for the first three years (2016~2018).
(1) To provide accurate information gathered by us so that those who learned the social issues of dogs and cats have the opportunity to think, and those with interest can spread the width of the action by such as participation and cooperation to activities.
⑵ To convey the presence of animals in need of protection to as many people, thus, indirectly increasing the save rate by continuing to spread the information related to animal rights.
⑶ To introduce a forum to learn about dogs and cats’ basic information and raising of them so that the pet owners reaffirmed their obligation of lifelong fostering, and those who want to get a new pet can determine their suitability as an owner.
We aim to make the Pawer.’s website a place where private organizations can distribute information of animals, where dog trainers and veterinarians recognize it as a “place” to share information, and where a variety of information naturally gathers and lively information can be obtained by anyone in the near future.
In addition, not limited to dogs and cats, efforts against animal experiments and the use of fur will be made, and will continue the activities in order to protect the dignity of the animal life in coming future.