Who Fights for Animal Rights.

Here is a list of some celebrities in different fields
who are either involved in animal welfare rescues or
spread the word about animal rights.

Aya Sugimoto (actress, model)
– Founded an animal welfare organization, EVA, in 2014
– A producer of a cosmetic brand, Liberata, which is against animal testing
– Gives a speech to educate people especially children about the dignity of animals
– Talks about the reality of the pet industry in media
– Lives with 8 cats and 3 dogs (all rescues)

Christel Takigawa (newcaster)
– Founded Christel Vie Ensemble Foundation in 2014
– Gives a speech and lessons to educate people to become fosters
– Aims to end the pet euthanasia in Japan by 2020
– Has adopted a dog rescued from 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami

Paul McCartney (singer-songwriter)
– Supports Cruelty Free International call for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics
– supports People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA)
– Spreads the word for animal rights in media

Miyoko Asada (actress)
– First involved in puppy mill rescue then officially started the animal welfare activities to stop euthanizing large numbers of pets in Japan
– Has adopted 5 dogs (all senior rescues as requested)

Ellen DeGeneres (comedian, television host)
– Supports animla welfare charity evens
– Had been named PETA’s Woman of the Year in 2009

Joe Hisaishi (composer and musical director)
– Supports TOKYO ZERO which aims 2020 to end the pet euthanasia in Japan

Jennifer Aniston (actress)
– Joins animal welfare charity evens
– Supports some animal welfare organizations
– Has adopted 3 dogs (all rescues)

Natalie Portman (actress)
– Speaks out for animal rights and chosen by PETA for their stamp design
– Designs animal free shoes and all the sales from them are donated to animal welfare organization