We mainly work on the followings as part of our animal welfare activities.
① Class of Life and Dignity :
This is our education program designed to be held at kindergartens to universities.
② Workshops and Talk events:
We visit those Kodomo Shokudo (local cafe space for kids) and events not related to animal welfares to give a talk and opportunity to learn about animal welfare.


③ Event「DOGS & CATS」:
We hold this event called DOGS & CATS at Ichinenji which is the temple 10 minutes from Kyoto station to spread the words on behalf of rescued/abandoned dogs and cats to raise the awareness. We also have cats adoption fare as part of this event so people can actually come to see the cats available for adoption.
④ Childbook:
We are now working on this project to make a child book to give the ideas of being the responsible dog/cat owners. Hopefully you’ll see it by next year.
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Other than the above, we visit animal shelters run by the locals or government in and out of Japan. We also participate the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference held in Europe by Dogs Trust, the biggest dog charity from the UK every year to learn more about every aspects of animal welfare and spread the information in Japan hoping to share how dogs and cats are treated in other countries and learn from others mistakes and success stories.